Moonlit Lady

Moonlit Lady


joan blondell  

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seriously how I feel right now.

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Candid of Ava Gardner, 1954.


Frances Farmer, John Garfield in  ”Flowing Gold” (1940)

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1969 Volvo P1800S



Stela of King Ka’a of black quartzite inscribed with the Horus name of the King. This stela is decorated with a serekh (a rectangle with paneled lower half) surmounted by an image of the falcon god Horus. The Horus-name was the oldest element of the pharaoh’s titulary and associated him with the falcon god. The two large pieces of this stela were discovered at Abydos during separate excavations of the Early Dynastic royal cemetery. The fragments were reunited at Penn Museum in 1903.

Egypt, Abydos

Locus: Tomb Q (Tomb of King Ka’a, east side, over chamber 3)

Period: Egyptian Early Dynastic

First Dynasty

Date Made: 3000 - 2800 BC

Penn Museum

Bettie Page photographed by Irving Klaw c. 1950s

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